Agents & Brokers in China

We have just carried out our first audit in China against the BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers!

This Standard continues to grow in importance and we will now be able to offer audits in China, Italy, North America and of course the UK.

For details please contact us at info@micron2.com


BRC Storage & Distribution Issue 3

The new issue of the BRC Storage & Distribution Standard is now with us. Published on the 1st August it will take effect from 1st February 2017.

The changes are relatively few compared to other years and other standards. Of most significance is the inclusion of a grading system. It is now the same as for the Food Safety Standard. There is now also the formal addition of an unannounced audit protocol.

You can get your free copy from the BRC Bookshop. Contact us at info@micron2.com if you have any questions.



The BRC have published their additional voluntary module (AVM) for the USA’s Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA). Any company manufacturing in the USA or exporting to the USA will need to establish for the FDA that they can meet the requirements of FSMA. The requirements of FSMA are largely focussed upon preventive principles.

The AVM produced by the BRC can be added to an Issue 7 BRC Food Safety audit and it is anticipated that this will help greatly with companies’ recognition by the FDA.


Market Drayton 10K

Once again James and I did the Drayton 10k run on Sunday May the 8th. It is reckoned to be the the best in the UK and this year had 2500+ entrants.

Anyway it was seriously hot but we both got round OK. This is how we looked afterwards!




Allergen Labelling

There is currently a move in the UK to ensure that “may contain” precautionary labelling is used only where there is a real risk of cross contamination based on risk assessments carried out by manufacturers. The Food and Drink Federation has responded by stating that “precautionary labelling should only be used where there is a real and demonstrable risk of cross contamination of an allergen”. Evidently consumers are confused and there has been a tendency for brand owners to use this too readily as a safety net when there is no real risk of cross contamination.