This is a major part of the services that we provide. We have an experienced team for checking food labels against legal requirements and creating and approving final product specifications. We can assist with well-known online customer specification portals or help with  your internal systems. We also have test kitchen facilities for routine food and non-food product assessment.

Food Labels
Our people have many year’s experience in the checking of food labels for legality and suitability for the UK market. Often this is also done in conjunction with specifications to ensure that they match.

We ensure that we keep up to date with all related legislation to ensure that food labels continue to meet changing requirements. The service includes checking:

  • Product Names
  • QUID Statements
  • Ingredients lists
  • Allergen statements
  • Nutrition Information
  • Front of pack graphics & Recommended Intake values
  • Photographs and graphics
  • Quantity Declarations
  • Country of origin declarations
  • Product specific requirements
  • Validity of product claims

Food Specifications

We are trained and experienced in completing all types of product specifications, from customer’s own formats to electronic systems such as MICROS, Hamilton Grant, Qadex and more. We can shoulder this burden for you and help you to complete and keep up with this often demanding aspect of selling food products while you get on with the job of providing your customers with their products.

Customer Questionnaires
This can be another time consuming and demanding feature for suppliers. Questionnaires from customers are often very detailed and difficult to complete, especially if you are sourcing products from overseas. We are here to help with this and have much experience in obtaining the information required, liaising with your customer and getting the documents completed and approved by them.

As always, contact us at or call 01630 652095 for more information.