We are Micron2, a business with long experience and heritage operating in the world of food auditing and certification, product specifications and labels, product sampling, quality systems and training. Though we are firmly anchored to the UK we have a long reach with auditors based around the world. We are always available for a discussion, informal or otherwise to help you through the audit process or any of our services.

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Meeting in Greece

James and Leo chaired our recent meeting with our colleagues in Greece in December. The meeting was held at the offices of TUV Austria-Hellas. Obviously with the new issue of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety plus a few…


The auditor was very good, he was very thorough with regards to gaining evidence against the new BRC version 8 standard. We will continue to use the auditors provided by Micron 2 as they are very polite and are very thorough when auditing.

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Satisfied BRC Issue 8 Client

Micron 2 have been a reliable audit partner and we will continue to use them in the future.

April 2019

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S&D Client