We are Micron2, a business with long experience and heritage operating in the world of food auditing and certification, product specifications and labels, product sampling, quality systems and training. Though we are firmly anchored to the UK we have a long reach with auditors based around the world. We are always available for a discussion, informal or otherwise to help you through the audit process or any of our services.

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Auditor is very clear and concise. Whole team involved in the audit always feel it is a learning process and always something to build on and improve.
Cannot fault office admin and response to queries we have.

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Happy with the whole process.

Audit was executed in a professional manner and our auditor made our staff feel very comfortable when discussing and asking them questions relating to the company and there roles within the company. Communication with Micron 2 is extremely good and we are very happy to continue using Micron 2 for our BRC audits.

July 2019

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A satisfied seafood supplier