We are Micron2, a business with long experience and heritage operating in the world of food auditing and certification, product specifications and labels, product sampling, quality systems and training. Though we are firmly anchored to the UK we have a long reach with auditors based around the world. We are always available for a discussion, informal or otherwise to help you through the audit process or any of our services.

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The auditor arrived on time. He was clear about the schedule for the audit, what was needed by what point in the audit.
I feel my preparation was helpful having all the documents that were required in the room with us, there was little that was needed other than the preparation already undertaken.
We look forward to the audit in 2023 under issue 9 BRCGS.

December 2021

Comments from a poultry plant

Very professional audit carried out by an auditor who had the ability to put your team at ease throughout the audit.

December 2021

Praise from a bacon supplier