STS Standards

From June 2022 Micron2 has taken over the exclusive function of auditing against the UKAS-accredited suite of STS Food Safety Standards. We have been in discussions since earlier this year to enable the smooth transition of this business from the previous provider, STS-Solutions Ltd.

Much of this function concerns the supply of foods to vulnerable groups so food safety is essential and while the STS Standards share many common aims with the BRCGS Standards, which we also provide, there are certain aspects, such as the special requirements for the control of Listeria monocytogenes that make the STS Standards unique.

Please contact us if you require any information about STS Standards and note that copies of the Standards are freely available to non-members in our Member Area (see menu for STS Standards at the top of this site).


Gluten-Free Certification Program Global Standard (Issue 3)

Micron2 are able to offer to carry out audits against the BRGS Standard. The following is a quote from the BRCGS website on the subject:

BRGCS’s Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) uses a scientifically proven, risk-based management systems approach for effectively controlling gluten and gluten cross-contamination from incoming ingredients to the final product. It goes further than simply carrying out end-product testing and can easily be combined with a Food Safety audit. It is recognised by leading coeliac organisations around the world covering Europe, the USA, Canada and Mexico, meaning that sites that are BRCGS certified are also able to include these trusted marks on their products.

The Program is recognized by consumer celiac/coeliac societies, Brands may communicate these endorsements to consumers by using the accepted certification trademarks on product packaging and marketing collaterals. Products displaying a GFCP trademark have been manufactured in a facility which successfully undergoes a robust, non-biased, annual third-party audit.”

We can audit you for this Standard either in conjunction with a BRCGS audit or as a “stand-alone” audit.

Please contact is for details.


A Tree Planted for every on-site BRCGS audit.

We are delighted to announce that we are now an accredited member of the Good Business Charter which means we are committed to the 10 Components of that scheme. In support of our commitment to environmental responsibility we will now be arranging for a tree to be planted for every audit carried out in the UK where we have had to travel to site.

The 10 Components of the scheme are
1. Living Wage
2. Fair Hours
3. Employee Wellbeing
4. Employee Representation
5. Diversity & Inclusion
6. Environmental Responsibility
7. Pay Fair Tax
8. Commitment to Customers
9. Ethical Sourcing
10. Prompt Payment

More details about the scheme can be found here: https://www.goodbusinesscharter.com/


Lynne-Marie Ellis

27 years ago I interviewed this lady for a new position as a sort of PA. I can’t remember how many I interviewed but I can state that my interviewing technique was pretty poor then (and possibly hasn’t improved much). But there must have been something about Lynne that day  – or was I incredibly lucky that I chose the right one?

Certainly we were lucky she applied!

Anyway I don’t think either of us had any idea of the long journey we would go on together in seeing this company build from what it was back when she started in the first week of 1994 to the present day Micron2 with a global reach and a company that holds its own alongside much larger competitors. So much of that success is due to Lynne-Marie. Her dealings with both clients and staff  have continued to receive appreciation over the years from all sides and I know that many clients will miss her as much as us.

Her loyalty has been unwavering  and we have been through so many changes together. Thankfully she has ensured that she leaves behind a legacy of our good ways with our new team of Michelle, Rachel and Serena.

Unfortunately the current situation has meant that we could not have the sort of send-off that we would normally do (James and I will be seeing her again when we are able, some sunny day..). Until then we all wish her  a well-earned rest and a wonderful and long retirement with husband Dave.

Lynne’s last day is Christmas Eve 2020.

Thank you for everything Lynne-Marie.

Ron Kill December 2020