A Nice Evening with SPAR

We had a lovely evening with some of our colleagues at SPAR UK recently at the Castle Pub in Harrow. From left to right are:

Anne Betty (Micron2)
Cath McIlwham (SPAR)
Karl Giesler (SPAR)
James (Micron2)
Ajitt Randhawa (SPAR)
and, just peeping in Lisa Richardson (Micron2).

Thanks to SPAR for a great time.

Ron Kill


Successful Trip to China

I have just returned from my regular visit to our auditing team in China. Based in Qingdao, we work with the Ansense group which comprises (in this photo):

Micah, Vincent, Jell, Tim & Steven.

The Audit Team

The first 4 names are our BRC audit team while Steven is now looking after business development there. I had a great time and while I was there I witnessed Vincent auditing a frozen produce factory and had our usual team and calibration meeting, which was very encouraging.

Shandong Province

Qingdao is the largest city in the Shandong province with a population of c 10 million. It is famous for hosting the water sports for the 2008 Olympic Games, for Tsingtao beer and for the World’s longest bridge (among other things). In the Shandong province there are many food factories and the highest proportion of BRC-certificated sites that are based in China. Thus the Ansense team are ideally situated to continue to increase our work there.

We are currently able to offer the BRC Food Safety Standard and the Agents & Brokers Standard in China.

Ron Kill


9 Certificates in a row

With space for a tenth….
I was delighted to be at Cany Products in France on 8th & 9th June to witness one of our auditors carrying out an audit for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. It was lovely to to see their history with Micron2 proudly displayed in this way.

Ron Kill


A Happy Day

James married his beautiful girl, Abigail on Sunday 30th April. It was just a wonderful day and I am still coming down!

Ron Kill 02/05/17


Increase in BRC Registration Fee

You might want a coffee while you read this one. The BRC have informed us that from October 1st 2017 the audit registration fee goes from £215 to £300. This is a charge that all Certification Bodies have to collect on behalf of the BRC so is part of our invoice to you for any BRC audit that we carry out. Thus for Micron2 it applies to the Food Safety, Storage & Distribution and Agents & Brokers Standards.

The BRC have stated that increase is to maintain their position as the premium GFSI scheme and so that innovations can be funded.

All our audit quotes for audits carried out after that date will be to the new rate, I am sorry to say, but this is a charge that we have to pass on.

Ron Kill 06/04/17