Excellent service, this audit was smooth and easy to understand.

January 2021

A contented confectionery manufacturer.

A difficult audit using new technology requiring different preparation. However, with the patience of the auditor and a novel approach to maintaining internet connections we got through it. Thanks to all for your help to make the audit a success.

December 2020

Following a remote BRCGS audit

Extremely pleased with the entire audit process. As a first time user of Micron2, we wish to compliment the administration and office staff for their helpfulness throughout the booking process. The Auditor was extremely pleasant and professional while conducting a very thorough audit.

He was also very conscientious and understanding of the extra procedures and measures in place to during the Coronavirus pandemic.

November 2020

A Frozen Seafood Company.

Fantastic audit. The auditor had great expertise in our field of production and was able to understand the ways that we are able to interoperate how our processes meet the standard.

October 2020

A satisfied Cider company

Although their were some booking problems these were dealt with in a positive and helpful way by the Office Manager at Micron2. The audit was carried out by (name withheld) a knowledgeable and professional auditor that put us at ease during the Audit.

Another satisfied BRCGS Storage & Distribution client

Micron2 have always provided an excellent and professional service. From the initial audit booking, through to completing the Audit on site. The auditor engaged excellently and interacted well with our staff which put them all at ease when answering questions. The Auditor demonstrated excellent knowledge of food safety and challenged our food safety management systems. We look forward to working with Miron2 in 2021.

April 2020

A supplier of Ready Meals

Professional and thorough audit carried out with strong understanding of our type of business.

March 2020

From a Blender of Dry Ingredients

xxxxxxxxx is a firm but fair auditor and i’d have him back anytime. He has seen LBW grow on & off in the last 6 years and is always a good indicator on how we are doing. The office is always great and helpful.

March 2020

From a Winery

A professional and reliable certification body. Excellent support as always and a thorough, effective audit performed to the highest standards.

March 2020

A happy Storage & Distribution site in Scotland

This was our first BRC audit and the process with Micron 2 and the auditor was straightforward and uncomplicated with clear and concise communication throughout.

A supplier of dried fruit and nuts and various snacks.

“This was our third year with micron2, consistency of the audits carried out over this period has been excellent. The auditor was extremely professional throughout the 2 day auditing process and made us feel at ease.”

Another satisfied BRC-GS Storage & Distribution Client

A well-organised process with clear and timely information from Micron2. A thorough and detailed audit. We will use Micron2 in the future

A satisfied BRCGS Agents & Brokers client

Very professional and efficient company. Auditor – (name withheld) was excellent in approach and knowledge. One of the best auditors we came across, challenging but after (name withheld’s) audits we found that our company is in better place to face other audits. Would recommend Micron2 to anyone seeking accreditation

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Another happy manufacturer

Smooth from the booking through to the audit. Thank you.

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Nice comments from an S&D client

Cannot fault micron 2. Everything from the audit to administration was very professional.Communication was excellent.Where sometimes an audit can be extremely stressful the auditor made it as relaxed as possible. The audit went very quick as communication was flowing . Cant recommend the auditor highly enough.

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A very happy manufacturer

Very professional company with very knowledgeable auditors

November 2019

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A Satisfied Water Bottling Company

A very professional company with an extremely knowledgeable audit team, in addition to having an office team which are prompt and extremely helpful. We will definitely keep using Micron2 !

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Nice comments from a Poultry supplier

Auditor is very clear and concise. Whole team involved in the audit always feel it is a learning process and always something to build on and improve.
Cannot fault office admin and response to queries we have.

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Happy with the whole process.

Audit was executed in a professional manner and our auditor made our staff feel very comfortable when discussing and asking them questions relating to the company and there roles within the company. Communication with Micron 2 is extremely good and we are very happy to continue using Micron 2 for our BRC audits.

July 2019

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A satisfied seafood supplier

Our Auditor was fair and thorough and the office team was very helpful.

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A happy BRCgs Food Issue 8 client from County Kilkenny

Our association with Micron2 spans many years. We have always been impressed by their auditors professionalism, knowledge and relevant industry background.
The approach adopted towards our staff was relaxed enough to put them at ease and makes the experience one of learning rather than terror and we were very pleased to achieve AA+.
Thanks again

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From the North of England

This is the first time i have used Micron & i have to say I cant be more complimentary about the entire service, excellent from start to finish – well done & keep up the good work!

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Another from Wales

Found (the auditor) thorough and professional in her approach to the audits, she explained points in sufficient detail which I found really helpful especially with the introduction of BRCv8 for Food Safety and was able to communicate easily throughout. She spoke to the team on site kindly and in a way that did not put them under unnecessary stress which allowed them to calmly and confidently run through key processes.
The admin support pre and post audit were friendly , helpful and fast in their responses. Would recommend Micron2 to other businesses in the industry.

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A satisfied client in Wales

It was nice to do the audit with (this auditor). He is a very practical auditor with a sense of humor but he can also be very strict.

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A Happy client in the Netherlands

The auditor was very good, he was very thorough with regards to gaining evidence against the new BRC version 8 standard. We will continue to use the auditors provided by Micron 2 as they are very polite and are very thorough when auditing.

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Satisfied BRC Issue 8 Client

Micron 2 have been a reliable audit partner and we will continue to use them in the future.

April 2019

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S&D Client


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Pleased to receive this from a satisfied client:

This was our third audit with Micron 2 and all three were carried out in a professional manner. Communication with Micron 2 is very good and we are sure that we will be using Micron 2 for our BRC audits in the future.

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From a BRC-certificated Food Production Site

From the moment you get in touch with Micron 2 you are impressed with the professionalism and the courteousness. Our auditor also showed that same professionalism and this all serves to make you feel confident that you are with the right people.

February 2019

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Nice comments from a BRC S&D Client

The auditor for the 2 days was, Martin Frankowski. He carried out the audit in a professional manner and did not deviate throughout, excellent auditor.

February 2019

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Another happy BRC Storage and Distribution Client

From the moment you get in touch with Micron 2 you are impressed with the professionalism and the courteousness. Our auditor also showed that same professionalism and this all serves to make you feel confident that you are with the right people.

February 2019

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A very happy BRC S&D Client

Very good professional service, quick to respond and very helpful with enquiries.

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A Satisfied Agents & Brokers client

This has been a great learning for the team at (name removed). The support from all has been exceptional. Thank you

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A BRC Storage & Distribution client in Cheshire

Excellent service all round and thanks to the auditor for his professional audit.

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A Storage & Distribution Client

Once again thank you for the very valued service you give us.
The auditor conducted himself in a very professional manner as he has done in previous audits.

September 2018

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Another happy client

Very good auditing body, very stringent, audit as expected very detailed and very enthusiastic, helpful office and good value for money. will definitely use micron 2 in future.

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Client Privacy protected

All good and we will return to Micron2 next year. Efficient and thorough audit. The auditor’s feedback was quick and to the point. Happy with the service provided.

August 2018

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Client privacy protected

Second BRC audit with Micron2 completed in July this year, again the quality of the audit was excellent and our auditor was very knowledgeable and approachable. The close out procedure very straight forward with first class response from the office staff.
As a business we will continue to work with Micron 2 and would recommend their audit services to other manufacturers.

July 2018

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Client name withheld

We were very happy being audited by Micron2. The auditor was very helpful, all factory staff spoken to felt comfortable with auditor as he approached them very professionally.

Nov 2017

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Westbridge Foods

Very professional and thorough audit with good support provided in the closing meeting. The auditor was very experienced in businesses of our type and size and the whole process from pre audit to post audit was conducted very efficiently. Thank you.

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Premier Fruits Catering

Our audit was completed in a professional manner and the auditor was flexible to suit business requirements over the two day period.
The auditor, interacted very well with operators and put them at ease to allow effective questioning and understanding of their roles.
The non conformance close process out was efficient, with very quick responses from admin and regular updates to conclusion and issue of the certificate. I will certainly continue to use Micron2 as an auditing body and would strongly recommend them to fellow professionals.

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John Bull Confectioners

This is our second audit with Micron. Very smooth and painless organisation from start to finish which is in direct contrast to a previous Audit body.
Office communication was efficient and timely, your auditor was professional and had an excellent understanding of the standard.

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Retail Packaging Solutions

Divilly’s would highly recommend Micron 2 as an auditing body.
Ray McMahon is an exceptional auditor, an absolute gentleman to work with.

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Divilly Meats

Excellent and professional service as always. Terry our last auditor was professional and knowledgeable within our product group, giving a confidence in the challenge of our systems to the BRC requirements. Micron2 staff are also very helpful with enquiries and advice.

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Evolution Foods

Overall, the audit was a highly valued intervention (even if it does get the nerves jangling a little), which we thank you again for. Your approach was very firm but friendly, with a focus on useful and knowledgeable assistance and not just trying to ‘catch us out’ – which some auditors forget (not Terry or yourself of course). This reflects very well on the professionalism of Micron 2 as an organisation well. 

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McCarthy Haulage

Very knowledgeable and thorough auditor who was experienced in our type of business. Approachable, which made staff at all levels of the business feel confident enough to answer all questions asked of them.

March 2017

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Gardiners of Scotland

A professional and reliable service for the third year running. Our auditor was extremely knowledgeable and all of our staff were made to feel comfortable during the audit process. We continue to thoroughly recommend Micron2 to any business who is seeking accreditation.

March 2017

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Canley Food Packers

Micron2 are very professional certification body. We have used Micron2 for our BRC Audits for a number of years. The full process from booking the audit to closing out non-conformances is handled by friendly members of staff. All Auditors have been very professional and demonstrated lots of experience. Our recent audit was conducted by Silva who really challenged our systems and was very efficient. Thanks Micron2.

February 2017

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King Asia

Very good audit all round, Auditor was very understanding of the business and conducted the audit accordingly.

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Westland Horticulture

This was our 1st Audit with Micron2 and our 1st Audit to Issue 7, we were very impressed by all stages of the process from Pre- audit to the actual Audit and the post audit. He was an excellent auditor, a gentleman to work with.

June 2016

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What a professional service we experienced with Micron in March, the auditor was very thorough and extremely helpful.

May 2016

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The Scullery