Second BRC audit with Micron2 completed in July this year, again the quality of the audit was excellent and our auditor was very knowledgeable and approachable. The close out procedure very straight forward with first class response from the office staff.
As a business we will continue to work with Micron 2 and would recommend their audit services to other manufacturers.

July 2018

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We were very happy being audited by Micron2. Chris Morris was very helpful, all factory staff Chris spoken to felt comfortable with auditor as he approached them very professionally.

Nov 2017

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Westbridge Foods

Very professional and thorough audit with good support provided in the closing meeting. Jeremy was very experienced in businesses of our type and size and the whole process from pre audit to post audit was conducted very efficiently. Thank you.

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Premier Fruits Catering

Our audit was completed in a professional manner and the auditor was flexible to suit business requirements over the two day period.
The auditor, Andy Burne interacted very well with operators and put them at ease to allow effective questioning and understanding of their roles.
The non conformance close process out was efficient, with very quick responses from admin and regular updates to conclusion and issue of the certificate. I will certainly continue to use Micron2 as an auditing body and would strongly recommend them to fellow professionals.

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John Bull Confectioners

This is our second audit with Micron. Very smooth and painless organisation from start to finish which is in direct contrast to a previous Audit body.
Office communication was efficient and timely, your auditor Terry Beale was professional and had an excellent understanding of the standard.

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Retail Packaging Solutions

Divilly’s would highly recommend Micron 2 as an auditing body.
Ray McMahon is an exceptional auditor, an absolute gentleman to work with.

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Divilly Meats

Excellent and professional service as always. Terry our last auditor was professional and knowledgeable within our product group, giving a confidence in the challenge of our systems to the BRC requirements. Micron2 staff are also very helpful with enquiries and advice.

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Evolution Foods

Overall, the audit was a highly valued intervention (even if it does get the nerves jangling a little), which we thank you again for. Your approach was very firm but friendly, with a focus on useful and knowledgeable assistance and not just trying to ‘catch us out’ – which some auditors forget (not Terry or yourself of course). This reflects very well on the professionalism of Micron 2 as an organisation well. 

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McCarthy Haulage

Very knowledgeable and thorough auditor who was experienced in our type of business. Approachable, which made staff at all levels of the business feel confident enough to answer all questions asked of them.

March 2017

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Gardiners of Scotland

A professional and reliable service for the third year running. Our auditor was extremely knowledgeable and all of our staff were made to feel comfortable during the audit process. We continue to thoroughly recommend Micron2 to any business who is seeking accreditation.

March 2017

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Canley Food Packers

Micron2 are very professional certification body. We have used Micron2 for our BRC Audits for a number of years. The full process from booking the audit to closing out non-conformances is handled by friendly members of staff. All Auditors have been very professional and demonstrated lots of experience. Our recent audit was conducted by Silva who really challenged our systems and was very efficient. Thanks Micron2.

February 2017

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King Asia

Very good audit all round, Auditor was very understanding of the business and conducted the audit accordingly.

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Westland Horticulture

This was our 1st Audit with Micron2 and our 1st Audit to Issue 7, we were very impressed by all stages of the process from Pre- audit to the actual Audit and the post audit. Ray McMahon was an excellent auditor, a gentleman to work with.

June 2016

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What a professional service we experienced with Micron in March, Ray McMahon was very thorough and extremely helpful.

May 2016

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The Scullery

Audit was carried out in a professional manner and all staff were made to feel comfortable during discussions and questions at all levels of the business. Thanks to Terry who is experienced with our type of business.  Communication with Micron 2 is extremely good  and we are very happy to continue using Micron 2 for our BRC audits.

March 2016

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Staveley Eggs

Staff were friendly and helpful, information provided was clear and concise. Auditor was tough but fair. Overall for our first BRC audit were very happy with the service we received. January 2016

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Knolton Farmhouse Cheese

The audit was carried out by an experienced professional. This enabled the days to flow smoothly and enabled us to show any evidence required in a logical fashion. There were no surprises and misunderstandings. October 2015

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Flavours & Essences

The auditor was very professional and showed a real interest in understanding the processes and procedures that we use. Moreover, the auditor was capable of putting our staff at ease during the audit. This meant that the process went smoothly, as staff felt confident in answering any queries which cropped up. October 2015

Dietary Foods

Well informed and knowledgeable auditor. Made a potentially stressful process run smoothly. September 2015

Aimia Foods

Great audit, detailed with a good industry background. August 2015


A good, useful and professional audit carried out by an auditor with detailed industry knowledge. The auditor took into account our factory and product range whist maintaining the integrity of the BRC high standards. Clear communications and service as always. August 2015


Excellent audit carried out in a very professional manner. August 2015

Chapel Foods

As per the initial Audit MDL experienced in 2014, the whole process was conducted professionally, rigorously and in a highly communicative and participative manner. This is a testing process, but one that is valuable and adds value to the business. Micron 2 are an excellent company to do business with. May 2015

McCarthy Distribution

Mr Bill Plows was an excellent auditor, put us very much at ease during our audit. March 2015

Pittas Foods

A thorough and comprehensive Audit conducted in a very professional manner. Josie was very knowledgeable and demonstrated a great deal of experience and expertise. March 2015

King Asia Foods

Auditor was informative, helpful and put everyone at ease. February 2015

Rascal Confectionery

Really pleased with the efficiency of Terry, he conducted the audit in a systematic, professional manner. We have used Micron2 for a number of years and will happily continue to do so. December 2014

Jaconelli Ice Cream

Very pleasing and well executed Audit, Ray the auditor did a very good job as always and he maintained the high reputation that we hold Micron2 in. November 2014

Riva Foods

The auditor conducted the audit in a professional manner. All findings identified have helped us to understand better where our gaps are within the system. November 2014

Tingfung Foods

An all round professional approach again, which is what is received upon each BRC evaluation from Micron. October 2014

Mainland Poultry

The initial pre audit helped to highlight areas where improvements were needed. The actual audit was thorough and covered all aspects of the factory and the BRC standard. October 2014

T Soanes & Son

A good, professional service with experienced auditors who have a good degree of product knowledge. September 2014

Flavours & Essences

Our relationship with Micron2 goes back many years and we have always appreciated the professionalism, practicality and the balanced approach taken of your auditors. September 2014

Tom Walker

Thanks for giving us a professional audit. Some points you came up with are very useful to us. Thanks again. August 2014

Wuxi Shitong

As this was the first time we have attempted to attain BRC certification it was quite daunting. However, I found the auditor, Mr R Mc Mahon to be quite re-assuring, helpful and professional. Lynn-Marie was more than helpful and friendly when I first got in touch with Micron2. A first class service all round. August 2014


We were under the unannounced scheme 1 and the audit was done with professionalism, from the auditor, from start to finish. All non conformances were highlighted at the moment of finding and then thoroughly explained with opportunity to discuss. July 2014

Aston Manor Brewery

The whole process, in terms of assisting McCarthy Distribution Ltd to achieve BRC Accreditation (Storage and Distribution) was well managed, highly supportive, rigorous and communicative. On behalf of the company, I thank you for your professionalism and excellent Customer Service. June 2014

McCarthy Distribution

As usual a very thorough and professional audit. Many thanks. May 2014

Greenearth Food Packaging

Once again a very speedy and efficient certification exercise. Thank you. March 2014

Joseph Heler

Terry was an excellent auditor who ”knew his stuff”. Realistic & fair in his judgements. Micro2 have once again given good service with a quick turnaround from actions submitted. March 2014

A.E. Rodda & Son Ltd

All admin and follow up info is dealt with efficiently. January 2014


Found the auditor Terry Beale to be professional and constructive in his approach to the audit. January 2014

A J Pies & Pastries

We found the auditor Ray McMahon to be extremely professional, informative, thorough and fair. January 2014

Embleton Hall Dairies

The audit was conducted professionally and thoroughly. All advice by the auditor was taken on board. December 2013

Kings Quality Foods

In-depth audit, efficiently carried out. December 2013

Kilkeel Seafoods

Many thanks once again for a great audit experience. November 2013

PJ Produce

Once again, the auditor was informative and was able to put all staff at ease. October 2013

Aimia Foods

We are very pleased with MIcron2 because they set about things in a professional manner. Their staff are competent and courteous. Their auditors are professional, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. September 2013

Portway Logistics

Professional and efficient audit that tested the system well, (maybe not the most enjoyable experience on the day!) but fair, in depth and relevant. August 2013

A G Barr

Excellent service. Couldn’t ask for a better accreditation body. August 2013

Michael’s Pitta Bread

We were pleased with the help and information offered by Micron prior, during and after the audit, we were also pleased with how quickly the certificated has been issued. August 2013

Quality Cuisine SW Ltd

Micron gives a fast and efficient service. Good communications allow BRC audits and certification to be integrated efficiently into our company planning. June 2013

Evolution Foods

A very knowledgeable and fair auditor. Booking the audit was an easy process with the booking being made at very short notice but still accommodated. May 2013

Pro-Pak Ltd

Jeremy is a excellent auditor, He’s very good at explaining what he’s looking for and reporting back his findings. He’s very professional and fair when auditing. May 2013

Penny Lane Foods

The auditor we had this year (Terry Beale) is a credit to your business. May 2013

Pork Farms

Auditor was very thorough and made us feel the audit was worth every penny. Most valuable BRC audit the site have hosted. April 2013

Tulip Ltd