STS Standards

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Fit to Supply Audits

For food manufacturers who need an audit to demonstrate or challenge their food safety. quality & legality systems we perform a Fit to Supply audit, usually lasting no more than one day, covering all the essential aspects.

Bespoke Audits

At Micron2 we have supplied tailored supplier audits for retailers and purchasing groups since we began. We have food (and non-food) safety documents that we can audit against for you or we can work with you on your own supplier requirements as a basis for audit.


For many Companies thinking about their first BRC Global Standard Audit a pre-audit is a good idea to establish how close they are to meeting the requirements before their actual audit.

Our pre-audits are a gap analysis against the specific standard. The supplier will be left with full details on what is needed to prepare for their first audit proper.

Other Audits

We can also offer audits in


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