Traded Goods Module

With Issue 7 of the BRC Food Standard we have a voluntary module for those manufacturers who are also trading in factored goods aka “Traded Goods” that they but in and sell on along with the goods they produce. This is a change from Issue 6 when factored goods had to be excluded from the audit.

It was agreed when this was published that certification bodies would have to add this module to their accredited scope and we are delighted to say that we, Micron2 are now accredited by UKAS to audit this extra module along with a BRC Food Safety audit.

For details please contact us on info@micron2.com



New member of staff

Delighted to announce that we have a new member of staff, Anne Betty.

Anne is based in Blackburn where she will be working from home and has a wealth of experience in product specifications and labels from her work with the Co-op amongst others. Just what we need!



BRC Agents & Brokers Standard Accredited

Micron2 is pleased to announce today that we are among the first group of CBs to be accredited by UKAS to carry out audits against the BRC  Agents & Brokers Standard. Thank you to all those clients who have supported us so far and this means that from now all certificates issued against this standard will bear the UKAS mark.

Ron Kill 01/05/15


Legislation Update

The following new legislation received in recent months:

The Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regs 2013.

The document is largely an update of the 2006 Regulations. The section on Due Diligence defence is expanded and there is a new section on defence relating to exports. There are new clauses relating to the special health mark required for emergency slaughter, amendments due to the Official Feed and Food Controls Regs 2009, the Food Safety (Sampling and Qualifications) Regs 2013 and the Trade in Animals and Related products Regs 2011. There is a new Schedule 7: Derogations relating to low throughput establishments (slaughterhouses).

The Contaminants in Food (England) Regs 2013

Continues with limits for Erucic acid in Oils plus other contaminants.

The Food Additives, Flavourings, Enzymes and Extraction Solvents (England) Regs 2013

More focus on smoke flavourings. All previous regs revoked.

The Fruit Juices & Fruit Nectars (England) Regs 2013

Revokes all previous regs. Indication required if extra pulp added.

Country of Origin Labelling for meats of swine, sheep, goats & poultry EU 1337/2013

Requires labelling of slaughter and rearing regions.

List of authorised smoke flavourings EU 1321/2013

It is quite a short list.