Market Drayton 10K

Once again James and I did the Drayton 10k run on Sunday May the 8th. It is reckoned to be the the best in the UK and this year had 2500+ entrants.

Anyway it was seriously hot but we both got round OK. This is how we looked afterwards!




Allergen Labelling

There is currently a move in the UK to ensure that “may contain” precautionary labelling is used only where there is a real risk of cross contamination based on risk assessments carried out by manufacturers. The Food and Drink Federation has responded by stating that “precautionary labelling should only be used where there is a real and demonstrable risk of cross contamination of an allergen”. Evidently consumers are confused and there has been a tendency for brand owners to use this too readily as a safety net when there is no real risk of cross contamination.


Fake BRC Certificate Alert

In January 2016 we were informed by the BRC that a fake BRC Certificate and report bearing our name (Micron2) was in circulation for the company YANTAI SHUNE FOOD CO. LTD of Shandong, China.

Please be informed that this company is not one of our clients and we have never audited this factory.

Ron Kill


Traded Goods Module

With Issue 7 of the BRC Food Standard we have a voluntary module for those manufacturers who are also trading in factored goods aka “Traded Goods” that they but in and sell on along with the goods they produce. This is a change from Issue 6 when factored goods had to be excluded from the audit.

It was agreed when this was published that certification bodies would have to add this module to their accredited scope and we are delighted to say that we, Micron2 are now accredited by UKAS to audit this extra module along with a BRC Food Safety audit.

For details please contact us on info@micron2.com



New member of staff

Delighted to announce that we have a new member of staff, Anne Betty.

Anne is based in Blackburn where she will be working from home and has a wealth of experience in product specifications and labels from her work with the Co-op amongst others. Just what we need!