We are Micron2, a business with long experience and heritage operating in the world of food auditing and certification, product specifications and labels, product sampling, quality systems and training. Though we are firmly anchored to the UK we have a long reach with auditors based around the world. We are always available for a discussion, informal or otherwise to help you through the audit process or any of our services.

We have just carried out our first audit in China against the BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers! Read more here or see all our latest news here.

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Micron2 are very professional certification body. We have used Micron2 for our BRC Audits for a number of years. The full process from booking the audit to closing out non-conformances is handled by friendly members of staff. All Auditors have been very professional and demonstrated lots of experience. Our recent audit was conducted by Silva who really challenged our systems and was very efficient. Thanks Micron2.

February 2017

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King Asia

Very good audit all round, Auditor was very understanding of the business and conducted the audit accordingly.

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Westland Horticulture