Summer Meeting

Great to see so many of our UK auditors and support staff present for our June meeting. This time we held it off site in the local hostelry and this shot was after the meeting so maybe we are looking a little tired (but not emotional) after the heavy discussions on BRC Issue 8, the new BRC Directory, BRC audit fees, recent issues and witnessed audits.
Thanks to everyone who came and we will arrange a date for next year’s Summer Meeting very soon.


David Prior Retires

It is a major event when anyone who has been with a Company for over 20 years retires. In the case of David Prior it is the first time we have had this experience. Not only that but David has been such an important person for us. In his early days he ploughed through hundreds of audits and helped us achieve accreditation for doing BRC work. Later he became our Technical Manager and maintained that accreditation, dealing with both UKAS and BRC Global Standards with all the tenacity and diplomacy that was his trademark.

David will be sorely missed as an important member of our team but more so as a person. Of course we all wish him all the very best in his retirement. You see him here receiving some gifts on his last day at the Market Drayton office (actually taken in the Red Lion).

Looking to the future we have appointed Leo Huang as Compliance Manager, more about Leo soon.


9 Certificates in a row

With space for a tenth….
I was delighted to be at Cany Products in France on 8th & 9th June to witness one of our auditors carrying out an audit for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. It was lovely to to see their history with Micron2 proudly displayed in this way.

Ron Kill


Increase in BRC Registration Fee

You might want a coffee while you read this one. The BRC have informed us that from October 1st 2017 the audit registration fee goes from £215 to £300. This is a charge that all Certification Bodies have to collect on behalf of the BRC so is part of our invoice to you for any BRC audit that we carry out. Thus for Micron2 it applies to the Food Safety, Storage & Distribution and Agents & Brokers Standards.

The BRC have stated that increase is to maintain their position as the premium GFSI scheme and so that innovations can be funded.

All our audit quotes for audits carried out after that date will be to the new rate, I am sorry to say, but this is a charge that we have to pass on.

Ron Kill 06/04/17


Micron2 in Greece

We have 4 BRC auditors in Greece, Evi Kolitsa, Konstantina Boura, Babis Sgouros and Babis Ageloudis. This gives us full competency to carry out BRC Food Safety audits there.
We can now cover all of Greece and the islands including Crete and Cyprus, also travelling to Turkey for BRC and IFS Food Safety  audits.