27 years ago I interviewed this lady for a new position as a sort of PA. I can’t remember how many I interviewed but I can state that my interviewing technique was pretty poor then (and possibly hasn’t improved much). But there must have been something about Lynne that day  – or was I incredibly lucky that I chose the right one?

Certainly we were lucky she applied!

Anyway I don’t think either of us had any idea of the long journey we would go on together in seeing this company build from what it was back when she started in the first week of 1994 to the present day Micron2 with a global reach and a company that holds its own alongside much larger competitors. So much of that success is due to Lynne-Marie. Her dealings with both clients and staff  have continued to receive appreciation over the years from all sides and I know that many clients will miss her as much as us.

Her loyalty has been unwavering  and we have been through so many changes together. Thankfully she has ensured that she leaves behind a legacy of our good ways with our new team of Michelle, Rachel and Serena.

Unfortunately the current situation has meant that we could not have the sort of send-off that we would normally do (James and I will be seeing her again when we are able, some sunny day..). Until then we all wish her  a well-earned rest and a wonderful and long retirement with husband Dave.

Lynne’s last day is Christmas Eve 2020.

Thank you for everything Lynne-Marie.

Ron Kill December 2020

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