New Training Date added for BRC Food Issue 8

Issue 8 Training

Due to demand we have added another date for the one day BRC Food conversion from Issue 7 to 8.

We have 2 courses running in Market Drayton in November now on 26th and 27th November

Please see the Training tab at the top of the page for details.


Escape after 30 Years working together!

Actually we didn’t escape. This team has just failed to get out of an Escape Room based on a lab!

Lisa, Eve and Ron in the Escape Room

It was great fun and frustrating that we didn’t escape within the hour and save the world from a deadly virus.

This was all about celebrating a working relationship that has lasted 30 years – so far.

In fact Lisa and Ron began working together in 1988 for what was then Michael Ranken Services, later Micron Laboratories, then Micron2. Lisa is manager of our Consultancy business looking after clients like SPAR, Country Range, The National Trust, Caterforce, Bonta Italia, Conserve Italia and so on. She started all those years ago in the original food lab in Luton. So many of our clients pay tribute to her and her team. It has been an amazing time with so many changes but this company would not be what it is without Lisa’s dedication and hard work. Who knew then that we would still be working together and where did those 30 years go??

So we had a great weekend in York to celebrate. They did let us out eventually and we
had an excellent meal in the evening with Lisa, her husband Dave and their lovely children Harry and Amy.


Nicola Robinson – 10 Years with Micron2

This month we thank Nicola Robinson for 10 years service with Micron2.

Nicola, here with James, is the latest in a long line of folk who have stayed with us over the years. I guess we must be doing something right and it all adds so much strength to the service that we offer when clients know well who they are dealing with.

Thanks again Nicola.


Another Successful Trip to China

Leo and I had a great trip to China to catch up with our audit team there last week. We witnessed Jell doing an BRC Food audit then had a lengthy meeting, which was our best and most productive meeting ever. Thanks to Leo we can now speak the local language. We also met some new members of their team, Bella Lin and Jing Jingwang.

We even managed to see some of the World Cup!


Summer Meeting

Great to see so many of our UK auditors and support staff present for our June meeting. This time we held it off site in the local hostelry and this shot was after the meeting so maybe we are looking a little tired (but not emotional) after the heavy discussions on BRC Issue 8, the new BRC Directory, BRC audit fees, recent issues and witnessed audits.
Thanks to everyone who came and we will arrange a date for next year’s Summer Meeting very soon.