BRCGS S&D Standard

BRCGS S&D Standard Issue 4 is now with us and takes effect from 1st May 2021. There are some significant changes including new voluntary modules (Cross Docking and e-Commerce. This Standard continues to grow in importance since publication of Issue 1. As part of our service of BRC audits we would be happy to discuss an audit by one of our experienced team of auditors.

STS and other Audits

STS Standards

Please see the STS Audits menu at the top of this page and the latest news on STS audits below.

Fit to Supply Audits

For food manufacturers who need an audit to demonstrate or challenge their food safety. quality & legality systems we perform a Fit to Supply audit, usually lasting no more than one day, covering all the essential

Bespoke Audits

At Micron2 we have supplied tailored supplier audits for retailers and purchasing groups since we began. We have food (and non-food) safety documents that we can audit against for you or we can work with you on your own supplier requirements as a basis for audit.

Food Labels, Specifications & Testing

This is a major part of the services that we provide. We have an experienced team for checking food labels against legal requirements and creating and approving final product specifications. We can assist with well-known online customer specification portals or help with  your internal systems. We also have test kitchen facilities for routine food and non-food product assessment.

Gluten-Free Certification Program Global Standard (Issue 3)

The following is a quote from the BRCGS website:

BRGCS’s Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) uses a scientifically proven, risk-based management systems approach for effectively controlling gluten and gluten cross-contamination from incoming ingredients to the final product. It goes further than simply carrying out end-product testing and can easily be combined with a Food Safety audit. It is recognised by leading coeliac organisations around the world covering Europe, the USA, Canada and Mexico, meaning that sites that are BRCGS certified are also able to include these trusted marks on their products.