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    1. Micron 2 offered a very professional service and the audit was carried out by Chris Morris who was extremely helpful.

    2. Audit was carried out in a professional manner and all staff were made to feel comfortable during discussions and questions at all levels of the business. Thanks to Terry who is experienced with our type of business. Communication with Micron 2 is extremely good and we are very happy to continue using Micron 2 for our BRC audits

    3. Micron2 are a very professional and reliable auditing body, who have gone above and beyond to ensure that our audits have been scheduled and conducted smoothly. Our auditor was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. All of our staff were made to feel comfortable during during the audit process. We would thoroughly recommend Micron2 to any business who is seeking accreditation.

    4. Auditor very efficient and creamery staff felt comfortable with the style of the audit, impressed with receipt of Certificate & Report within 5 days of Non Conformance /root cause evidence submission, very efficient.

    5. Very professional and efficient. Good auditors, as we use Micron 2 for 2 standards, BRC Food V7 & Agents and Brokers.

    6. Very professional company with very knowledgeable auditors. We find the auditing of Micron2 an asset to our business and keeps us on our toes. Communication is great and there is always help at the end of a telephone line. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Micron2 Ltd

    7. This was our 1st Audit with Micron2 and our 1st Audit to Issue 7, we were very impressed by all stages of the process from Pre- audit to the actual Audit and the post audit. Ray McMahon was an excellent auditor, a gentleman to work with.

    8. The BRC V7 audit carrried out by Micron2 ltd was very professiona,l with the audits being scheduled and conducted smoothly

      The Auditor Josie Foster was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. We would recommend Micron2 to any business who is seeking accreditation.

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