The BRC Standard for Food Safety: A Guide to a Successful Audit 

Once again all my own work and I think it has many improvements on the first edition.
It is a comprehensive guide to preparing for your Global Standard audit and uses over 700 real examples to prepare you for ensuring that not only you have the correct procedures and documentation in place but that you present them well on the day. The book is aimed at suppliers wishing to attain certification for the first time and to those wanting to maintain or improve their grades. It also contains exercises and quizzes to keep you on your toes.

It may also be of interest to auditors, certification bodies and consultants. – Ron Kill

Published by Wiley-Blackwell ISBN 978-0-470-67065-1
384 pages
Note: Second edition out NOW

The Food Industries Manual

Edited by Dr Ron Kill, Michael Ranken and Dr. Chris Baker this large work is a complete guide to the whole food manufacturing industry. Now in its 24th edition, it is written by experts from the industrial and academic fields and it continues to be a compact and highly practical resource suitable for constant reference by those involved in all aspects of food science and technology.

ISBN 0-7514-0404-7

650 pages

Pasta and Semolina Technology

Edited by Ron Kill and Keith Turnbull this is a thorough and practical book on all aspects of durum wheat, semolina production pasta production, shape design and quality assurance.

ISBN 0-632-05349-6 Available Here

226 pages

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