Covid-19/ Coronavirus

The situation regarding audits to any of the BRC Global Standards has changed once again and the following is the substance of the latest message from the BRCGS released on 25th March 2020

“In light of the developing global situation and the recent publication of the GFSI position statement, BRCGS has revised its guidance document BRC072. The intention is to ensure we continue to play a full and supportive role within the global food and drink industry at this difficult time.

In order to reduce stress on sites at this difficult time we have decided to remove the self-assessment and remote audit element from the certificate extension process. 

BRCGS will now allow the extension of certificates up to a period of 6 months. This would only apply to suppliers that currently have restricted onsite access.

This extension will be based on a risk assessment by the site’s current certification body and will be validated and verified through the exchange of relevant documents and an interview process with the site.

There will be no BRCGS fees for this certificate extension.

Once the site becomes accessible, the full onsite audit will take place as normal and a new certificate will be issued for the ‘usual’ 12 months”

In other words the previous idea of a “Remote Audit” has gone although there will still be interviews carried out as part of this new system.

At Micron2 we hope that there will be no further major changes over the coming days now. Please contact us if you need more details of the Risk Assessment process.